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Listing your business in industry specific directories is essential for top search placement.Google, Bing/Yahoo love sites that have relevant quality links pointing to a site.

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We individually submit healthcare professionals to top healthcare directories and citation sources.

Whether you are a chiropractor looking to get people aligned, a heart specialist whose care keeps patients strong, or a podiatrist who literally helps patients to put their best foot forward, you have a better chance of being found with citations in prominent Healthcare directories.


Local Verticals for Legal

We individually submit legal professionals to the top legal directories and citation sources.

Legal services are incredibly specialized. In addition to defending or prosecuting certain matters, legal professionals help launch new business ventures, do estate planning, and fight to protect copyrights. It’s no wonder internet searchers turn to niche legal directories to find the professional their situation requires. Does your practice have niche citations in top legal directories?



Local Verticals for Home Services

We individually submit contractors to the top home services directories and citation sources.

The latest design trends on home makeover shows, emergency plumbing repairs and HVAC installs are just a handful of reasons consumers search home services directory listings to find the right contractor. Does your businesses have niche citations in top home services directories?


Local Verticals for Financial Services

We individually submit financial professionals and institutions to top financial directories.

Are you banking on potential clients finding your financial service business in internet searches? Whether you are an accountant, credit union or mortgage company, having citations in niche financial directories will be a good investment.



Local Verticals for Restaurants

We individually submit restaurants to the top restaurant directories and citation sources.

You’re undoubtedly cooking up something great and you want the locals to feast at your client’s tables. Step one to making your restaurant represent your neighborhood’s hot spot is to reserve niche citation listings in the tastiest restaurant directories.


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